• Coole und trendige Gestaltungsmöglichkeiten

    MagnetFarbe ist bestens geeignet für jedes Deckanstrich-Design

  • Praktische Lösungen

    Visuelle Darstellung von Projekten, Skizzen, Plänen, …

  • Deckanstrich mit Wandtafel- oder Trockenabwischfarbe

    Eine Vielfalt kombinierter Funktionen an einer Wand

  • Ideal für Büroumgebungen

    Der Inbegriff moderner Effizienz

  • Der Inbegriff moderner Effizienz

    Einfach und schön …

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3 weeks ago
MagPaint - Discover our MagnetPaint, SketchPaint and BlackboardPaint


MagnetPaint is the ultimate innovation for every interior. Be surprised by the many possibilities of ... See more

3 weeks ago


SketchPaint transforms any smooth surface into a surface you can write on with whiteboard markers.Create ... See more

3 weeks ago


With BlackboardPaint, you can make any smooth surface into a blackboard quickly and easily. By ... See more

3 weeks ago
Photos from MagPaint's post

Recently we have finished a nice project. This project is realized at Royal Haskoning DHV. Royal Haskoning DHV has ... See more

4 weeks ago

Last week the FIFA World Cup has finally started. Of course you like to watch football on a big screen, this is ... See more

4 weeks ago
Photos from MagPaint's post

Last week we introduced our Kids-line Magnets! The reactions were very positive! What do you think of the following ... See more

4 weeks ago
Photos from MagPaint's post

This office, located in Mexico-City has chosen for a combination of our MagnetPaint and SketchPaint. The result: ... See more

1 month ago
Magpaint Europe

We added new playlists of our instructionvideo's in more languages. Click and see if your language is also included ... See more

1 month ago

Financieel- Inkooptalent gezocht!!
Ben jij, of ken jij het Top Talent waar we naar op zoek zijn? Laat dan alsjeblieft ... See more

2 months ago

Look how creative our product is being used!
Zo creatief kun je onze producten gebruiken!

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